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Celebrating Guru Nanak Dev Ji

There is some controversy about when Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Prakash Diwas actually is, April vs. November. Regardless of the timing, if you are searching for activities to help celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Gurpurab, we have put together a list of resources you can include in your celebrations!


  1. Mool Mantar by Taran Kaur

  2. Mool Mantar for Children by Khalsa Junior

  3. Mul Mantar for kids by Dharam Seva Records

  4. Mool Mantr by Mighty Khalsa

  5. Learn Kirtan has an amazing library of Shabads for all to learn -- specifically check out their latest 3 posts that contain Shabads celebrating Guru Nanak Dev Ji


  1. Guru Nanak the Magnificent : A wonderful, creative and eye-catching introduction to Guru Nanak's life.

  2. The First Step: Amazing book capturing the meaning of Mul Mantar for the younger kids, with simple words and relatable illustrations

  3. My Little Book of Mool Mantar: Another simple meaning of Mool Mantar for the younger kids.

  4. Adventures with Dadaji - Naam Japna : A very creative story that illustrates the importance of Naam Japna in a fun way that kids relate to, and manages to include Gurbani introducing the young ones to various verses.


Sikhville and Sikhnet both have great audio/video Sakhis about Guru Nanak Dev Ji. We have also put together a complete list by title of Sakhi here.


  1. CuriousKhalsa, has created a set of activities available for free download that are fun and can be used by Sikhs of various ages.

  2. Playingwithpainti has created an easily downloadable packet with several activities highlighting the 3 Golden Rules set forth by Guru Nanak Deve Ji.

  3. LittleSikhs has a whole section of their website devoted to Guru Nanak Dev Ji

  4. Sikh Colouring has an amazing coloring book and activity pack.

  5. Khalsa Cubs has some coloring pages as well.


  1. Check out these nursery rhymes for Mighty Khalsa

    1. N-A-N-A-K

    2. Twinkle Twinkle like a star, Guru Nanak travelled far

    3. Incy-Wincy Khalsa

    4. Row, row, row your Boat

  2. The Guru's Song by IM1313

  3. We, at CuriousKhalsa, are in the process of developing a few rhymes, hoping to be available by next Gurpurab.

We hope you find something you can use from the above. Don't forget to like us on facebook or follow us on Instagram.

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