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Activity Sheets

Download for free, over 15 fun and interactive activity sheets that will keep your child engaged while learning more about not only the women in the book, but also about how to become more like them. 

Teacher/Parent Guide

A Lesson Plan and guide to help teachers or parents plan various activities for their class or children at home. 

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More Resources

We have created a Glossary,

more information on the women mentioned in the book as well as transliteration/translation of Gurbani verses (hymns).

Click on the images to the left and right to download. 

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Download Poster by clicking on size below

Download Poster by clicking on size below

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 Punjabi Reading for Beginners

This is a small, easy Punjabi reader for beginners to help gain confidence in reading Punjabi. Follow the instructions below  or watch the video for instructions to turn it into a book your Curious Khalsa will not be able to put down.

1. Download the file for free

2. Print on both sides, preferably in color.

3. Fold the paper horizontally in half with title page facing you. 

4. Fold the paper vertically in half

5. Staple on the left long edge.

6. Cut twice using a paper cutter or knife on the top edges

7. Read the book with your Curious Khalsa!

8. Enjoy as they read it to you the next time!

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